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AL Mondial Factory

We uses all its proficiency and expertise to ensure high-quality products appreciated by people from all ages. Our goal is to provide our customers exceptional quality and competitive pricing.


The First and the Only Biscuits Factory In Qatar!

We seek to manufacture products of high nutritional value and excellence quality, to achieve a high satisfaction and contribute in society's development.

Chocolate Tart

2you Chocolate
with Date

Delicious and Yummi taste deliver with our secret mixing of Chocolate and dates with these yummi taste delivers freshness in our day.

Nutritional Info
Butter Crinkle Crunch S’mores

2you Wafer
Roll Strawberry

Children as well as adults favourite recipe with strawberry flavour. You can feel the same taste as the natural strawberry.

Nutritional Info
Viennese Affogato

2you Wafer

Why dont you think a change from one flavour to another ?, Now it's time to change, Try it and Feet it the amazing queen of tastes.

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